Hoje, Movimento e Imagem

INTA RUKA, Photographer from Riga (Doc, M. Nicander, 58′, 2009)
Data: 10 Maio 2018
Hora: 19h00
Local: BUS – Paragem Cultural (Rua Maria, 73, Anjos, Lisboa)
Iniciativa: Movimento de Expressão Fotográfica
Projecção do documentário “Inta Ruka, photographer from Riga”, na primeira sessão do ciclo Movimento e Imagem em 2018 (uma iniciativa do Movimento de Expressão Fotográfica). Legendagem em inglês. Entrada Livre.

“Inta Ruka is one of Europe’s most noteworthy documentary photographers. She has taken hauntingly beautiful portraits that also depicts the radical transformation of Latvia. Given a camera in her teens, Ruka has spent decades photographing people in their natural surroundings. All photos are in black-and-white using natural light, all creating a unique appeal. Filmmaker Maud Nycander portrays her friend and colleague who still works as a cleaner at the Swedish embassy. Ruka’s mother and her teenage son are two people, not only from different generations, but from different worlds from Siberian labour camps to designer clothes and computer games.”



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